Hi everyone, welcome to Rozarria! My name is Rose, and I'm just hosting this small corner of the intrawebs to showcase my pins, graphic designs, and other small things that might be of interest to you! I really love collecting pins and I wanted to introduce myself into this pin-making world so I started up @shoprozarria on the ides of March 2017! My goal is to someday open up a coffee shop/used book store featuring local art & handmade goods Please feel free to click around & explore, a lot of stuff still has to be added but I am sure this will forever remain a work in progress. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me, and please check out my shop where you will find my enamel pins and other handmade goodies. Yay! Please visit the contact tab to read more about me!

Please follow my Instagram for more updates for the shop and my personal instagram for more about me!